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Patented formula for women

Women who use the lotion will see stopped hair loss after only 2 weeks. After 4 weeks, the existing hair already feels much thicker, firmer and more voluminous. The baby hair reach their adult stage after 6 - 12 months.
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Sapphire's unique timeline for regrowing women's hair.

  • 1

    2 weeks

    Stop hair shedding.

  • 2

    4 weeks

    Existing hair: thicker, healthier, more volume.

  • 3

    8-12 weeks

    First visual reborn baby hair.

  • 4

    3-6 months

    New baby hair development.

  • 5

    6-12 months

    Adult hair phase.

This works amazingly well. Honest! I used twice a day for 5 months, and my hair filled in!!!! I didn't think it would work, but it is amazing to see new hair grow where there was none.

Roanne V.

Sales Manager

It works but slowly. I also use the sapphire shampoo. 'Coz if your hair falls out faster than it grows back, you have no gain. I think you do have to use it forever.

Zoe H.


Reduces breakage. Would give 5 stars but sometimes leaves hair looking oily if product isn't allowed to dry.

Sara T.

Design Director

Use as directed and you will see results! I have sparse brows and I've noticed they look thicker and less patchy. I applied 1-2x a day with a Q-tip.

Xenia S.

Real Estate Agent

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