Sapphire for men

“The moment you start using the product as instructed, and you hold on doing it, suddenly the first hairs will appear! It’s amazing!”

Patented formula for men

Men who use the lotion can see a diminishing or stopped hair loss after only 1 month. They can also notice that the already present hair can be much thicker, firmer and more voluminous. Clinical research tells us that after 3 - 6 months, new hairgrowth can be possible.
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Sapphire's unique timeline for regrowing men's hair.

  • 1

    4 weeks

    Stop hair shedding

  • 2

    8-12 weeks

    Hair thickening + first baby hairs

  • 3

    3-6 months

    Baby hair development + existing hair becomes healthier

  • 4

    6-12 months

    Baby hairs change in adult hair

I have been using this for 12 months now. I see a noticeable regrowth of my hair.

Dave G.

Sales Manager

This does work but you have to be patient. I use this twice a day. I lost a lot of hair because of stress. Sapphire really thickens up my hair.

Stijn S.


My hair was thinning. Sapphire helps retain what hair you have and even helps with regrowth. I can notice some fuzz in areas I had started to lose.

Michiel V.


Use it twice a day and continue using it for the rest of your life; otherwise, the hair will start falling again.

Samir S.

Web Developer

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