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The science behind Sapphire

Years of clinical trials have shown that a very specific combination of natural extracts, nutrition and aromatics not only prevents hair loss but stimulates hair growth.
Sapphire contains this specific combination and is therefore the first and only safe and effective hair growth product on the market.

Hair loss

There are several causes for hair loss. The most common cause is the decrease of collagen, which in its turn is the building block of a web of fibers that makes up part of the bones, skin etc.
When collagen decreases, the fibers become brittle and the web loses its tightness and resilience and the skin will start showing wrinkles. The roots of the hair will become less tight and will eventually lose grip prematurely, causing hair loss.

Decrease of collagen


Hair loss


Our history

Sapphire’s active molecule was originally designed to treat burns by accelerating and regenerating the skin. The clinical trials showed a rapid increase in the production of collagen and elastin. In addition to healing burns it also resulted in disappearance of wrinkles over time.

During the collagen testing trial, they discovered, by accident, that the right combination of oils, vitamins and the working molecule reactivates dormant derma papillae.

  • Derma papillae

    Hair grows and sheds in cycles and derma papillae serve as stem cells. For a variety of reasons like age, hormonal imbalances etc. an increasing percentage of these derma papillae become dormant or not active enough to develop a full and healthy hair follicle.

    So in reality people do not lose hair, new hair just stops growing.

    In general, every new hair follicle remains dormant for a few weeks. It will receive direct access to nutrition from the strong fibers, essential DP cells and will become a strong new hair again. With decreased collagen the new hair follicle remains in a loose web of fibers and does has insufficient access to essential elements become strong. In reality it stays dormant as long as the condition does not change, which in the majority of the cases is never.

    One could compare it to a sprout too loosely planted in the soil. It does not have direct contact with the nutrition it needs to become a strong plant and remains small and eventually dies.

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  • Ladies

    Several studies have shown that due to hormonal imbalances, starting at pre-menopausal age (40+), every year one additional percent of the hair follicles goes dormant. By the time they are 80, up to 40% of their hair is either dormant or lost their original thickness.

    Pre-menopausal women lose collagen and every 10 years 10% of their hair does not “wake up” anymore at the end of its cycle.

    Pregnant women on the other hand produce more collagen and will notice that they regain the fine hairs close to the forehead which they had when they were going through puberty.

    Applying Sapphire twice a week reactivates these hairs and continued maintenance makes sure that women will first regain and later retain 100% of their hair throughout their whole life.

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  • Gentlemen

    In case of men testosterone imbalance at a younger age prevents reactivation of the derma papillae whereas at an older age decrease of collagen is the major cause of hair loss.

    Fighting with this kind of imbalance is a little more intense and requires at least a daily application for the first 4 to 6 months and a maintenance of 2-3 times a week thereafter. Two interesting observations are that hair regrowth is faster with older men and reactivated hair mostly has its original colour. (not grey) Perfect hair

    In order to perfect the formulation, the developers added a special mixture of natural hypo-allergenic oils and nutrients, turning Sapphire into an all-round hair growth, enhancing and maintenance formulation. Trust and verify

    We at the Torny Laboratoires team can claim with confidence that we are the first in the world to bring a patented hair regrowth formula to the market with proven working capabilities.

    However, it is no secret that there are so many products out there that simply don’t work and people’s trust in some hair growing miracle has been damaged for decades.

    So the only way to earn your trust is for hairdressers to try the product on a select number of their clients at no cost. With this unique product, “seeing is believing” is the only way to go.

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After 1 month of treatment 47% of participants noticed new hairs growing. After 6 months of treatment, 94% of participants had noticed new hair growth. Approximately 85- 92% of participants had noticed an increase in healthy hair, thicker hair and less fragile hair after using Sapphire.

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